The Swedish Quality Base

The Swedish Quality Base is an association formed with the aim to meet small and medium sized businesses´ need for a structured quality management system. This system can be integrated with environmental management systems such as: The Swedish Environmental Base, ISO 14 001 and EMAS, with the aim to generate both quality and environmental profits.

The purpose of the standard

The purpose with this standard is to offer small and medium sized businesses´ a quality assured management system that creates good conditions for:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and internal structure
  • Decreased risks and seizing opportunities
  • Contributing to organizations strategic focus.

The Swedish Quality Base shall aim to:

  • Manage, develop and market The Swedish Quality Base standard and its other activities
  • Ensure quality within the association
  • More organizations join the association
  • Follow the development within the association´s areas of interest, both nationally and internationally

The Swedish Quality Base standard was admitted on the 25th of August 2016. The standard is being reviewed and updated every third year or when needed. The Swedish Quality Base has the right of interpretation regarding the requirements in this standard.
In the text below, the three main chapters of this standard are being briefly described. These three chapters are developed for: issuers, auditors and organizations.

You can read the standard here